Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Map Changes: Jungle Biome, Raptors Return, And More

A new season of Fortnite has arrived, and it's a jungle out there.


Chapter 4 Season 3 is live in Fortnite. This season's theme is the Wilds, bringing the arrival of the lush jungle biome with new points of interest, such as Shady Stilts and Creeky Compound. These environmental changes also bring new ways to traverse the map and fight, and there's some new wildlife to encounter. Here we'll provide a full look of the new Season 3 map, and walk you through the big changes.

Fortnite map changes - Season 3

With Season 3: Wilds, the center of the island has collapsed, revealing a hidden jungle with ancient secrets to explore. This collapse removes the Anvil Square POI and some of the surrounding area, replacing it with Creeky Compound and Rumble Ruins. The snowy mountain peak north of Anvil Square is also gone, and the area is now a dense jungle area known as Shady Stilts.

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New wildlife, traversal mechanics, and more

Welcome to the jungle. In Season 3: Wilds you can ascend to canopies to gain height advantage, skate vines, ride raptors, and more. Here is a breakdown of the new changes with the arrival of the jungle biome.

Raptors are back

We've seen dinos in Fortnite before, but now raptors are back and running wild in the jungle. These creatures return with a bit more use than what we've seen in the past. Now, you can ride on raptors by jumping on top of them, which is similar to past wildlife with boars and wolves.

Raptor eggs can also be found on the map. Nurturing an egg will allow it to automatically become your tamed raptor when it hatches.

New Wildwasps threat

This season introduces a hostile insect species known as Wildwasps. These insects inhabit the jungle biome and swarm around certain plants. You can gather them in a jar to throw at enemies just as you would Fireflies, allowing you to potentially create a distraction for retreat or give yourself the upperhand in a fight.

Chapter 4 Season 3: Wilds map
Chapter 4 Season 3: Wilds map

Slide in the mud

The jungle climate brings a damp climate to the island allowing you to slide through mud for more speed than regular sliding. You can also use it to gain camouflage or escape if some angry Wildwasps are chasing you.

Use vines and canopies

The jungle is a dense and leafy environment, and you'll want to use it to your advantage with the vines and canopies. Much like the grind rails introduced with Mega City, you can traverse the jungle on grind vines. The area's tree canopies are thick foliage you can ascend to for more verticality in your gunfights.

Deadly and friendly flora

Use the power of the new jungle vegetation to your advantage. Shooting a Bomb Flower will create an explosion, and shooting a Stink Flower will unleash toxic gas on nearby enemies.

In addition to the deadly flowers, you can also swing your pickaxe at the new Slurp Plants to get healed up with health and shield.

Fortnite seasonal updates usually include new mobility options, and for the Wilds update, you can pick Hop Flowers for an added bounce. Similar to Hop Rocks and Hop Eggs from the past, Hop Flowers will let you bounce around the jungle without the risk of fall damage.

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