Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 10 Resistance Quests: Holotable, Control Keys, And More

This week asks you to establish some uplinks, collect a couple of keys, and set up a Holotable.


Fortnite Season 3 Week 10's Resistance quests are available to knock out now, promising a generous helping of XP and some movement in the season's narrative. This time around, players will need to do the usual device uplink establishing, collect some keys, and set out to activate a holotable.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance Quests Week 8

  • (Stage 1/2) Establish Device Uplink Near Sanctuary - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 2/2) Patch The Imagined into a Loudspeaker in Sanctuary - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 1/2) Establish Device Uplink Near The Collider or The Fortress - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 2/2) Collect Doomsday Control Keys from high-security IO locations - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 1/2) Establish Device Uplink Near Command Cavern - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 2/2) Cut Power to Control Panels inside Command Cavern - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 1/4) Establish Device Uplink Near Command Cavern - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 2/4) Set up a Generator near the Holotable in Command Cavern - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 3/4) Insert Control Keys into The Holotable inside Command Cavern - 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 4/4) Activate the Holotable inside Command Cavern - 23,000 XP

Establishing uplinks is as easy as ever, asking you to merely land at marked locations on the map and look for a blue beacon. Walking over the beacons will complete the quest and begin the next stage.

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Patching the Imagined into a Loudspeaker requires a trip to Sanctuary. There are three speakers scattered around the area, and they're easily identifiable by looking for the tall poles they're attached to. Simply approach any one of the speakers and press the corresponding button to patch in the Imagined and begin the next stage of the quest.

To collect Doomsday Control Keys, you'll have to visit The Fortress and The Collider--both of which are crawling with IO and will likely result in a showdown. At the Fortress, land just a bit under the F in the name on the map, which will put you right outside of the base. Look for a nearby reboot van, then find the keys glowing right beside it next to the campfire. At the Collider, land directly above the D and E in the name on the map, then check under the bridge at that location for the second set of keys.

To cut the power to the control panels inside Command Cavern, you'll be required to seek out three different panels. The panels will be on the walls inside buildings, easily identifiable by the glow around them. The quest markers will show you the general whereabouts of the panels, but they're better hidden than they initially seem.

When you land at the locations for each control panel, take note of your surroundings, as there are vents you'll need to access and crawl through to reach the objectives. Follow the linear paths through the ventilation shafts and locate each one individually. If you don't get them all on your first try, that's okay--your progress is saved between games.

Setting up a generator near the Holotable asks you to land on the eastern side of Command Center at the quest marker and then head inside. Go down the stairs to find a vault that you can't enter directly, leaving you with the sole option of using the nearby vent to crawl into the next room. Once inside, you'll see a glowing spot to set up the generator and complete this segment of the questline.

Directly after setting up the generator, you'll have to insert the control keys into two spots on the Holotable in the same room. They'll be glowing and almost impossible to miss.

Lastly, you have to activate the Holotable, which is as easy as pressing a button on the table within the same room you've been doing the last few parts of the questline. And with that, you'll be all done.

Season 2 is almost over, so here's what we know about Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3.

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