Fortnite Birthday Cake Location Guide: How To Unlock Special Birthday Rewards

Cakes are scattered all over the island for Fortnite's birthday.


Fortnite's third birthday event is live in the battle royale. It's been an eventful three years for the game, and it's earned a celebration. Players can hop in the game to complete a handful of challenges to unlock special rewards and earn experience. Two of the challenges require you to traverse the map to find different birthday cakes. This guide will help you dance in front of different birthday cakes with ease.

Today, October 1, is the very last day you'll be able to complete this challenge. Miss out, and the back bling reward may very well be gone for good.

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Where Are The Birthday Cake Locations?

Birthday cakes are scattered all over the map, with most in named locations. You'll need to dance around ten of them by using an emote. Cakes are usually near the center of a named location. Be careful though, as everyone is going for the cake, so most of these landing spots are quite dangerous. Here's a map with cake locations:

Fortnite Birthday Cake Map Locations
Fortnite Birthday Cake Map Locations

Once you find a cake and dance next to it, eat the small slices of cake around it to get shield. This will help you complete another challenge: Gain health or shield from birthday cake. There is a limited amount of cake pieces per game though, so you'll need to get to a cake before anyone else does to eat it. Here's what it looks like in-game:

Fortnite Birthday Cake Location
Fortnite Birthday Cake Location
All Fortnite Birthday Challenges
All Fortnite Birthday Challenges

What Do I Get For Completing The Birthday Challenges?

You'll need to complete four of the special birthday challenges in order to unlock a special cake back bling. Completing other challenges will net you special birthday emotes, sprays, weapon skins, and other cosmetics.

Once you've gained enough shield or health from eating cake, you'll earn 80,000 experience points. It's not a bad reward for completing one challenge. In fact, it's a lot better than what some of the other challenges offer.

Players have until October 1 to complete the challenges and earn the rewards. They'll go away until next year after this week. Make sure to complete all of the Wolverine challenges that pop up week to week as well. You'll need them to get all of the Marvel goodies that are available.

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