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Fortnite Ariana Grande Rift Tour: Watch It Here

Catch the Rift Tour replay if you missed it.


Ariana Grande's Fortnite Rift Tour event is now over following a series of five showings that spanned the weekend. If you weren't able to take part yourself or want to catch a replay, you can rewatch the entire concert-esque event below. Grande's performance was the headliner, but the complete in-game event took players on a spacetime-hopping journey through Fortnite's illustrious history, and it marked a return to form for Fortnite.

As players danced and emoted atop the party-themed Abductor hovering over The Aftermath, the countdown timer ticked away to zero and revealed a large Rift door at the center of the Abductor. Jumping into it took players on an expedition that showcased past Fortnite performances, like Marshmello, while also revisiting past story-heavy scenes like Kevin The Cube and The Storm King. There was even an aerial combat mini-game that kept score.

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After the whole lobby defeated the last Big Bad and landed in a black void, they helped each other to their feet in a cinematic sequence that was meant to tug at the heartstrings and lay down the red carpet for the show's main act. Down came a shooting star with some of the best high notes in both worlds--ours and the looping Fortnite realm alike. Ariana Grande hit the virtual stage and opened with Seven Rings as players floated around her massive avatar.

She went on to play segments of her other hits, including Positions, Be Alright, and The Way featuring her ex-partner, the late Mac Miller. With each song transition, Grande smashed her diamond-encrusted pickaxe and blasted the audience into different realms. One scene featured pink, fluffy trees like something out of a Seuss story. Another had players racing up Escher-like staircases as they moved and twisted unpredictably. It seems Epic Games set out to up the ante after 2020's Travis Scott show, and though it's a matter of taste, we'd say they nailed it.

You can catch the full Rift Tour video above or check the in-game tab for this weekend's remaining showtimes. Make sure to set off into the Rift Tour playlist using your favorite character skin, as they'll be integrated directly into the show in some fun ways we won't spoil here. After the show, Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard was elated and promised things like the Rift Tour are only the beginning.

While the Rift Tour has premiered, more Rift Tour Quests are here following the weekend of shows. Get in now to clean up the quests already available, then come back and finish off the list for more Ariana Grande- and Rift Tour-themed cosmetics over the next week.

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