Fortnite And Street Fighter Are Getting Magic: The Gathering Cards In 2022

The video game crossovers come as part of Magic's Secret Lair collectible sets, and will feature new artwork (and in Street Fighter's case, mechanics) inspired by their respective game series.


In a rare case of Fortnite appearing in another game and not the other way around, Magic: The Gathering will receive cards based on Epic Games' battle royale shooter in 2022. Capcom's iconic fighting game series Street Fighter will also be receiving the card treatment next year.

The crossovers come as part of a subset of Magic cards called Secret Lair, which are collectible card sets featuring collaborations with different artists and companies that often include more experimental art and mechanics than seen in normal Magic cards. Past Secret Lair collaborations have included sets based on Godzilla and The Walking Dead.

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Magic creator Wizards of the Coast announced the video game-themed Secret Lair sets at its annual Magic Showcase event. Fortnite will actually be receiving two sets based on "iconic Fortnite in-game locations and characters." Wizards of the Coast didn't announce a date for the sets, but did say that the Fortnite cards will be reprints of existing cards with new names and artwork.

The world warriors will also be looking to battle it out in card form with a set of their own. Unlike the Fortnite sets, the Street Fighter set will feature cards with unique mechanics, such as a Chun-Li card appropriately sporting the "multikicker" ability. Wizards says mechanics that appear in the Street Fighter set will reappear in other sets in the future.

Wizards of the Coast announced numerous other sets and crossovers, including a Lord of the Rings-themed release that will encompass a full set as well as Commander decks. The Lord of the Rings set will be featured in both MTG Online and MTG Arena. Warhammer 40K will be receiving four Commander decks centered around Games Workshop's tabletop franchise.

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