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Magic The Gathering Is Collaborating With The Walking Dead And 2021 Sets Revealed

Here is what Wizards of the Coast has planned for MTG in 2021.


There is a lot in store in the upcoming year for Magic: The Gathering. Coming to MTG Arena on September 17 and to stores on September 25 is the latest set Zendikar Rising. You can check out some of the cards for the new set here. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast's Gavin Verhey opened up some packs which you can check out below.

Also, MTG's 2021 lineup has been outlined. Do you like vampires and werewolves or the Dungeons & Dragons world of Forgotten Realms? If so, you'll probably be pretty excited to see what's coming out in 2021.

General release dates were revealed for the upcoming sets. Below, you'll find the names for all the upcoming sets you can expect to see in stores in 2021, along with a little more info about what MTG players can expect.

MTG's 2021 timeline
MTG's 2021 timeline

Upcoming 2021 Magic sets:

  • Strixhaven – The most elite university in the Multiverse – Spring 2021
  • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms – Dungeons & Dragons comes to Magic – Summer 2021
  • Innistrad (two unnamed sets) – Werewolves and Vampires are back – Fall 2021
  • Kaldheim – Magic’s Viking world – Winter 2021
  • Time Spiral Remastered – Recapture of the fan-favorite block
  • Modern Horizons 2 – A follow-up to the popular Modern Horizons set

While all these sets are months away from hitting stores, MTG did have an early look at a few of the Time Spiral Remastered cards that will be available soon, which you can check out below.

Time Spiral Remastered cards
Time Spiral Remastered cards

Finally, there are two new Secret Lair Drops happening in the near future, and one features some well-known zombies. One drop is Secret Lair: Yargle. The other Secret Lair Drop will feature a collaboration with AMC's The Walking Dead.

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Not much else was revealed about the next Secret Lair drop, but you can learn more from @MTGSecretLair on Twitter in the future.

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