Fortnite 17.30 Patch Notes Include The Grab-itron Weapon And Slurpy Swamp Being Abducted

It's the first of several abducted locations coming this season.


Fortnite 17.30 patch notes have arrived following the new update, and once again, players have new sights to see, bugs to bid farewell, and a new IO tech weapon to fire. Here's everything that's new in the Fortnite 17.30 update.


The headliner of the patch is the Grab-itron, a new IO tech weapon that, like the Plasma Cannon, is built from the Imagined Order's extensive research of the alien trespassers. This time, it's the UFO tractor beam that has been mimicked in firearm form. The Grab-itron has no ammo of its own. Instead, it can pick up and throw things around the map, including stones, cars, and anything else not nailed down. Epic Games has had a lot of fun with fantasy weapons lately, and the Grab-itron is the latest creation.

The Grab-itron makes ammo out of anything not nailed down.
The Grab-itron makes ammo out of anything not nailed down.

Damage is determined by the size of the object thrown, what it's made of, and the speed at which loopers throw it. The Grab-itron can also act as a shield, blocking incoming fire when an object is carried in front of you. The Grab-itron won't be too rare; You can find it most commonly on the Mothership and on top of Abductors, but also in ordinary chests.

Abducted Slurpy Swamp

The other major change in the latest Fortnite patch is that Slurpy Swamp is currently being abducted. Immediately with the new update going live, large portions of the location have disappeared or are now suspended in midair, and Epic teased that abduction is not a quick process, so more of this place of interest will change and disappear as the week continues.

Slurpy Swamp is looking less slurpy today.
Slurpy Swamp is looking less slurpy today.

We know from reliable leaks that the same fate awaits Corny Complex and Coral Castle later this season, but first up, it's the Slurp Juice factory to the southwest of Apollo that has been targeted by the aliens. You can use this more platform-heavy locale to alter the way you traverse the region, either by building bridges from one chunk of land to the next, or by using the new jump pads lying around the area similar to the Mothership's interior.

Fortnite 17.30 Patch Notes

As for the rest of the fixes and tweaks in the new Fortnite patch, here's what to expect:

  • The Pulse Rifle now does more damage when aiming down sights.
  • The Heavy Assault Rifle now deals increased damage, has a slightly reduced fire rate, and for the first few shots, has a higher accuracy than before.
  • Fixed an issue involving vehicle radios not playing at times when trying to turn them on.
  • Fixed an issue involving vehicles driving erratically, caused by the player in control being in a Prop state. Vehicles can no longer be interacted with if the player is in a Prop state.
  • Fixed an issue with Fortnite's "3D Headphones" option on PlayStation 5 in which stereo sounds wouldn't spatialize, resulting in the stereo sounds being 2D. (This would especially impact close-range gunfire.)

The patch is now live across all platforms, so get in there and throw some cars around. The biggest news this week is the Ariana Grande Rift Tour, an in-game concert coming this weekend. You can get a jump on the party by completing Rift Tour Quests now.

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