Former Microsoft boss Mattrick set to earn over $40m at Zynga

A mix of salary, bonuses, and stock options means Mattrick could earn $19.3m in his first year at the social gaming company.


Former Xbox One boss Don Mattrick, who left Microsoft to join social gaming company Zynga as its CEO this week, will be paid an annual salary of $1m at the company, but stands to earn tens of millions of dollars in bonuses and stock options over the next three years.

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Mattrick will receive a signing on bonus of $5m alongside another $2m as his 2013 bonus, giving the executive's bank account at least an $8m boost after his first year at the company.

But the bulk of the newly minted CEO's potential profits come from 9 million stocks at the company, which are currently valued at over $30.5m, reports Reuters.

Mattrick's stock will vest over the next three years, with the CEO able to cash in just over 45% of his 9 million shares at the end of his first year at the company. This means Mattrick is set to earn $19.3m dollars over the next year.

The stock options are part of a package to compensate Mattrick for the stock he lost in leaving Microsoft.

In all, Mattrick is expected to make approximately $14.3 million in his second year and around $8.4 million in his third. If the board of directors at Zynga is happy with his performance then he'll be in line for even more money.

Zynga's stock has jumped 11 percent since new of Mattrick's arrival went public, but last month the company slashed 18 percent of its workforce.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to announce a management reshuffle next week, and is said to be considering Windows chief Julie Larson-Green as the new boss of all Microsoft hardware, including the upcoming Xbox One.

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