Ford F-150 Truck Coming to Rocket League Soon

Players can pick up the new Ford F-150 in Rocket League's item shop from February 20-28.


Developer Psyonix has partnered with American car manufacturer Ford to release a Rocket League version of the company's most popular truck. The Ford F-150, which also happens to be the best-selling vehicle in the entire country, will be coming to the game very soon. You'll be able to get the special Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition from the item shop starting February 20.

The F-150 RLE will be available in Rocket League from February 20-28 for 1500 Credits. It's an entire bundle that includes not only the massive F-150 truck but also the Chairman Decal, SE Wheels, Ford F-150 RLE Engine Audio, Ford F-150 RLE Boost, and Ford F-150 Player Banner. These items can only be equipped to the F-150. Furthermore, the F-150 cannot be customized with items from other licensed IP in the game, though the truck can be adorned with other accouterments like various wheels, boosters, banners, hats, and vehicle sounds. Check out the official reveal trailer as well as some screenshots of the Ford F-150 RLE below.

According to Pysonix, the Ford F-150 has the same hitbox as the Octane vehicle body.

In addition to the truck, Ford is assisting Rocket League with an esports event later this month: the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational. On February 24 and 28, eight of the best Rocket League freestylers will show off their moves to a panel of judges in what's basically a dunk contest to win not only bragging rights but also a real-life 2021 Ford F-150. The competition will take place ahead of the North America Major Grand Finals on Twitch. Participants, judges, hosts, and other information related to the event will be unveiled soon.

In other Rocket League news, Pysonix has revived Rocket Labs, an experimental game mode where the developer can try out new Rocket League modifications.

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