First Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer Delivers Hilarious Web-Based Mayhem

Who broke the internet?


The much-anticipated sequel to 2012s animated arcade game comedy Wreck-It Ralph was originally set to be released in March this year, but although fans will now have to wait until November to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, the first trailer for the sequel has now been released.

The movie hits theaters on November 21, with John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch all reprising their roles from the first film. The trailer shows Ralph and Vanellope plunged into the brave new world of the internet, with predictability (and hilariously) chaotic results. Check it out above.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is directed by Zootopia's Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, and the voice cast also includes Taraji P. Henson, Alan Tudyk, and James Corden. When the movie was first announced, the filmmakers spoke about their plans for it. "From the moment we started working on the first Wreck-It Ralph, we knew there were so many possibilities with these characters," Moore said.

"This time, Ralph's wrecking wreaks havoc on the Web--as only he can do. Characters we loved in the first film are back and we are ecstatic to be working with them--and the actors who voice them--once again. The world of the internet is the perfect place to send Ralph and Vanellope. The scope and scale are so vast and the possibilities for comedy are endless."

Wreck-It Ralph was a big success. It made close to $50 million during its first weekend, outperforming Walt Disney Animation Studios' previous record-holder, Tangled. The film went on to generate more than $470 million at the global box office against a $165 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature but ultimately lost out to Pixar's Brave.

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