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First Look: Vagrant Story

TOKYO - Final Fantasy Tactics developers begin showing Vagrant Story for the PlayStation.


TOKYO - Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno is developing Vagrant Story, the latest title from Square, along with fellow FFT's character designer Akihiko Yoshida.

Vagrant Story is a medieval adventure game presented in a fully polygonal 3D world. Players control special agent Ashley Riot, who has been assigned to liberate the Duke of Bardorba's mansion. Inside the mansion, Ashley will face lots of gimmicks and monster to battle. Currently, it is not known how battle scenes will take place. Since Matsuno didn't refer to this game as an action game, we assume the battle scenes to be turn-based.

Contrary to Matsuno's previous games, Vagrant Story is a rather short game. Matsuno said that the title will only take five to six hours to complete.

Currently, Vagrant Story for the PlayStation is tentatively scheduled to release this fall.

Shots come courtesy of the Japanese publication, Weekly Famitsu.

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