First Look: Road Rash Jailbreak

We got hold of a 70-percent-complete version of Electronic Arts' Road Rash Jailbreak today, and here's what we found.


Even though the game is only 70 percent complete, it still looks and plays quite well. The control and overall feel of the game are still very much Road Rash-esque, although with a new combo system, the fighting and racing aspects of the game have definitely reached a new level. Even the number and variety of attacks have increased, and the control scheme has remained relatively uncomplicated. For example, you can land combos by simply alternating which shoulder button you press, L1, R1, L1, R1, etc.

There are several modes of play. The main one is the typical mode in which you race against and bash opponents from a rival gang. Depending upon your performance during the race, you're awarded what's called "Rash Cash." This cash lets you buy such things as nitro power boosts and better weapons. One of the other main modes of play is Five-O mode in which you play as a police officer and try to bash the rashers off the road. There are key figures, such as captains and lieutenants, within the gangs that you are targeting for arrest.

In addition to these modes, Road Rash Jailbreak has a whole slew of different multiplayer modes. Most notable are the standard head-to-head racing/fighting mode, the sidecar battle, and cops and robbers. In the sidecar battle two-player cooperate, one player is mainly responsible for steering the vehicle, while the other player simply bashes opponents. Using the PlayStation multitap, up to four players can play in the sidecar battle mode. The cops-and-robbers mode of course puts one player in the role of a police officer, while the other is his fleeing suspect.

We'll have to wait about six weeks before we finally see a finished version of the game, but from what we've seen so far, the game looks well on its way to deserving the Road Rash name.

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