First look: Ooga Booga

Sega releases the first screenshot from and new information on Ooga Booga for the Dreamcast.


Ooga Booga

Sega of America has released new information on and a single screenshot from Ooga Booga for the Dreamcast. The networked action-strategy game lets players take their tribes online to compete in four-player battles. Multiplayer modes of play include smack down, domination, capture the flag, king of the hill, scavenger hunt, and boar racing, among others. Although Ooga Booga is primarily an online game, it also features a story-driven single-player mode.

In the game, players select from one of four tribal witch doctors, or Kahunas, each with their own distinctive characteristics and powers. The objective is to power up the Kahunas' mojo by participating in various tribal gaming events that are designed to appease the volcano goddess Ooga Booga. In addition to building up their mojo, players will be able to unlock hidden islands, characters, and spells as they progress through the game.

Ooga Booga is being developed by Visual Concepts and will be released for the Sega Dreamcast in spring 2001.

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