First look: Mutant Storm

A small development team called PomPom has just released this Robotron-inspired shooter for the PC and Mac via its Web site. First screens inside.


Mutant Storm

UK-based developer PomPom has today released Mutant Storm, a Robotron-inspired shoot-'em-up with 89 levels of psychedelic 3D environments to blast through. The game, which is available for both the PC and Mac, borrows elements from Jeff Minter's Llamatron, Williams' Smash TV, and Robotron. It is best played with a dual joystick or a controller with two analog sticks so that one stick can be used to control movement and the other can be used to control the direction of fire.

Despite playing very much like a classic shooter, Mutant Storm boasts impressive visuals and adaptive game difficulty so that no matter how good a player may be at the game, it'll never feel like an easy ride. Anyone wishing to give the game a try can download a nine-level demo version for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux from PomPom's Web site, where the full version can also be downloaded for $20.

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