First look: Klonoa for the Game Boy Advance

See the first screenshots from and read new details on Klonoa: Empire of Dreams for the GBA.


Namco has revealed the first details on Klonoa: Empire of Dreams for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The handheld adventures of Klonoa will take him through a world where dreams are forbidden. This world includes four major towns, and Klonoa must vanquish four mystical monsters and restore the ability to dream to the sleep-deprived people of the world. The side-scrolling gameplay is a mix of action and puzzle elements--some levels are more action-oriented, while others require players to solve a wide array of puzzles. There will be a total of more than 40 levels in the game. Naturally, Klonoa's general moves, which are intrinsic to the series, will be available in Klonoa for the GBA.

A Japanese release date and price has not been determined at this time. No announcements were made regarding a North American release, although that possibility remains highly likely.

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