First Look: Crazy Chase

Kemco revives Kid Klown out for the Game Boy Advance.


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Kemco showed off its upcoming action game Crazy Chase, a single-player diagonal-scrolling game that stars old-school game character Kid Clown. The game challenges players to thwart the plans of space pirate Dirty Joe, who has kidnapped Princess Honey. Each level will be a race to collect the four items that will enable you to reach the next stage before Dirty Joe's bomb detonates. Your pursuit of Joe will take you through five stages, ranging from city streets to subterranean catacombs. Each stage will be littered with hazardous objects such as cars, thorns, spikes, cannons, sticky bushes, and rolling logs. Kemco is stating that you'll discover hundreds of hidden items as well as bonus areas as you make your way through each level.

The game is slated to ship this October for the Game Boy Advance.

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