First look: Armobiles

Ganymede Technologies announces that it's working on a futuristic vehicular combat game for the PC. First screens inside.


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Poland-based developer Ganymede Technologies has announced that it's currently working on a futuristic vehicular combat game for the PC named Armobiles. Set in 2009, the game will see players assuming the role of a young cadet in one of the elite Armobile Squads utilized by the military for hazardous missions requiring specialized transportation. There will be six different Armobile vehicles for players to get behind the wheel of in the game, and each will be capable of carrying a number of different armaments.

The single-player game will boast around 70 different missions in total, and Armobiles will also feature six different split-screen and LAN multiplayer game modes including a Destruction Derby-style race and a stunt-based jump mode. We'll bring you more information on Armobiles as its released.

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