First Impressions4x4 Evolution

We take a brief look at the final version of Terminal Reality's racer.


Gathering of Developers has sent over the final version of Terminal Reality's latest off-road racer, 4x4 Evolution. This final build of the game delivers on Terminal Reality's promise of more tracks, cars, and modes of play. The quick race mode launches players immediately into a race configuration screen, where they can make a number of selections to customize their cars. The career mode gives players a chance to start from scratch with a limited amount of money to buy an initial car and perhaps a few parts. To earn money, they must enter in and win different types of races on different tracks.

As with most driving games, the most important aspect of 4x4 Evolution is its control. Terminal Reality struck a nice balance between realistic and arcade physics. Turning and breaking are realistic, but players will occasionally see an unbelievable feat, such as a Ford Expedition flying through the air. Players won't be able to run through through each course by constantly keeping their foot on the gas, but they will almost always be able to maintain a high speed on the majority of the tracks.

Track design has vastly improved since the earlier build. More objects - such as planes, trucks, birds, and garbage - litter each track, and in some cases the objects are a part of the track themselves. One track has been modeled after a plane graveyard, where mangled wings serve as bridges. Another track - no doubt modeled after the mysterious Area 51 - is filled with activity, as planes take off and perform maneuvers in the sky.

4x4 Evolution's car models have been meticulously modeled, and each of the officially licensed vehicles - such as the Toyota Tundra, the Ford Expedition, and the Chevy Blazer - are immediately identifiable. There are also plenty of special effects to compliment the cars, such as lighting effects during nighttime racing and weather effects like rain and fog.

We'll have more information on 4x4 Evolution in our upcoming review.

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