Fallout Amazon Prime Series Debuts In 2024, First Footage Appears At Gamescom

The sneak peek is part of the Starfield presentation at the Xbox booth.


Three years after its initial reveal on Bethesda's website--and a year removed from photos of the set leaking onto social media--footage of the Fallout series coming to Amazon Prime is being shown to Gamescom attendees. And we also now know it's releasing in 2024.

The footage makes a surprise appearance during the Starfield theater presentation at the Xbox booth, with appearances by Todd Howard and Phil Spencer introducing it. The brief clip, according to reports from Gamescom attendees who have seen it, shows a montage of elements Fallout players will be familiar with.

The footage includes people traversing a hostile wasteland desert, as well as a woman emerging from one of the game's trademark Vaults. The video also shows glimpses of characters wearing the iconic power armor, a ghoul character wearing a duster, and a quick look at a Vertibird. Finally, there is a short clip of a nuclear explosion, with a nearby city resembling Los Angeles directly in its path.

Indeed, the official Prime Video account subsequently shared the tweet above confirming Los Angeles as the home of Vault 33 and a 2024 release date for the show. No specific date beyond that was provided.

The Gamescom showing marks the first time any official clips from the series have been shown to the public. The TV version of Bethesda's popular RPG series has been written and developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, both of whom were part of the Westworld revival on HBO from 2016 to 2022.

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