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First Diablo 4 Level 100 Hardcore Mode Player Loses Character Due To Disconnect

The player reached level 100 in Hardcore Mode just days after the game's release.


A Diablo 4 player has already reached level 100 in Hardcore mode, just a mere days after the game's release. However, this player has lost their level 100 character (and all the gear tied to it) due to an unfortunate disconnect.

The player, Souaïb 'cArn' Hanaf, first reached level 100 in Hardcore mode with a Barbarian character on June 5. Blizzard actually acknowledged cArn's achievement with a congratulatory tweet the following day. This makes cArn eligible for the Diablo 4 Hardcore Victories Contest, in which the first 100 players to reach level 100 in Hardcore mode will have their names etched into a statue of Lilith.

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Later on June 6, cArn continued playing with their Hardcore character in an attempt to earn more powerful gear. But then the game froze and cArn got kicked back to the main menu, where they realized their character had been wiped. When playing on Hardcore mode, dying and disconnecting causes your character to be wiped, making it an extremely tough challenge. After losing your character, you have to start over from scratch.

At least cArn was able to become the first player to reach level 100 on Hardcore mode. Though, the player is still upset about their character's demise. "I don’t care about my level 100, I care about my gear," cArn said, as noted by PCGamesN.

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Diablo 4 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC now.

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