First details on WDL: WarJetz

The 3DO Company releases specific details on and a handful of new screenshots from its PS2 air combat game.



The 3DO Company has released the first details on World Destruction League: WarJetz for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game takes place in several different cities in a postapocalyptic world. The player battles against both air and ground enemies in modified fighter aircraft as part of a television show. The battles take place in such varied locations as volcanoes in Hawaii, frozen wastelands in Antarctica, temple ruins in Thailand, medieval castles in the Rhine, and shipyards in San Francisco. There are eight different worlds and 25 battle arenas in all.

Modes of play in WDL: WarJetz include campaign, cooperative campaign, air lord career, combat ace, family, aircraft wars, and defend and escort. Additionally, there are several unique fighter aircraft equipped with such weapons as a meganuke, an anti-weapon chaff, cluster bombs, homing missiles, air mines, boosters, a teleporter, and escape pods, among others.

WDL: WarJetz includes a horizontal split-screen two-player mode, and it's easy to pick up and play, according to 3DO. The PlayStation 2 version will be released this spring.

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