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Fire Emblem Engage's First Paid DLC Announced At The Game Awards

The game is not out yet, but details about its DLCs were revealed during The Game Awards.


If you're a Three Houses fan, you're in luck. Fire Emblem Engage's first paid DLC was revealed at The Game Awards, and it includes Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. Tiki will also be a part of the expansion, along with extra in-game bonuses and a silver card.

The first wave of the paid expansion will be available starting January 20, the same date that Fire Emblem Engage releases. There will also be three additional paid DLCs that will launch throughout 2023. Of course, in order to get the DLCs, you'll need to own the base game first.

Fire Emblem Engage brings back a lot of familiar faces and a core mechanic is being able to summon Fire Emblem heroes to the battlefield. Just from this premise alone, players can probably expect the other waves of DLCs to also include past FE characters from different titles.

In FE Engage, characters summon heroes by equipping special rings. Six have been revealed so far, including Sigurd (Emblem of the Holy War), Celica (Emblem of Echoes), Corrin (Emblem of Fates), Byleth (Emblem of the Academy), and Lyn (Emblem of Blazing). There will be twelve rings in total.

The protagonist's hair color, apparently, will also evolve over the duration of the game. Alear, the male version of the protagonist, was shown to have entirely red hair at the end of one trailer--suggesting that there's some story path that will affect whether Alear's hair goes all red or all blue. You can check out our Fire Emblem Engage preorder guide on where to snag a copy.

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