Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD details

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within will be released on DVD and VHS on October 23. Read about the features and interactive options included in the DVD release.


Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has announced that it will release the DVD and VHS versions of SquareSoft's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on October 23. The film's double-disc DVD set will include a variety of extras, including interactive features. Disc one of the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD will contain two commentary tracks, featuring co-director Motonori Sakakibara, sequence supervisor Hiroyuki Hayashida, sets & props lead artist Tatsuro Maruyama, phantom supervisor Takao Noguchi, animation director Andy Jones, editor Chris S. Capp, and staging director Tani Kunitake, as well as storyboards, theatrical trailers, and production notes. The second disc will include The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within documentary, a FF music video, an alternate opening sequence, the Aki's Dream mini-movie, trailer exploration, character files, vehicle scale comparisons, and character and environment development workshops. Interestingly, the second disc will also include the so-called Final Fantasy Shuffler, where users can reedit and playback a pivotal scene from the film. Finally, the DVD-ROM features include the complete screenplay for the film, a visual tour of Square Pictures, screensavers, and Web links.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is the first film ever to feature entirely photo-realistic computer generated characters and environments. The film was released nationwide on July 13 and has grossed over $30 million in the US market to date. It was directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of SquareSoft's Final Fantasy games, and features a talented voice cast, including Ming-Na, Donald Sutherland, James Woods, and Ving Rhames. More on the movie and the actual Final Fantasy games can be found at our Final Fantasy Supersite.

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