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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series Teaser Images Are Out, And The Font Is Ugly

At least it's not comic sans?


Via new Steam listings, Square Enix released teaser images for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games. To put it politely, choices were made regarding the new font in the remastered games, and the internet largely thinks they were bad ones.

You can check out a few in-game screenshots below that we pulled from the Steam listings and judge for yourself. But Twitter user Patera Quetzal pretty much summed up the general feelings in a tidy meme.

Square Enix has struggled with its PC remasters of their classic pixel games in the past, and unsightly fonts aren't a new issue for the devs. The original FFV port that's due to be yanked soon and replaced by the remastered version was also criticized for its weird font choice as well as as well as a modernized graphical style that stripped the charm from the original characters designs.

Final Fantasy, FFII, and FFIII will be available on July 28. FFIV, FFV, and FFVI have unknown release dates, but will get released sometime in 2021.

You can buy the remastered games separately, or in a discounted FFI-IV bundle that gives 22% off all 12 items included. Final Fantasy, FFII, and FFIII are currently all discounted 20% off and can be purchased for $10 each.

The remastered versions of FFI to FFIV are currently not available on consoles, though hopefully Square Enix will consider porting their classic remastered FF games in the future. (There's a free idea that will make you a lot of money, Square Enix. The people want the remastered bundle on the Switch!)

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