Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Yuffie Episode, PS5 Upgrade Detailed

We know more about FF7 Remake Intergrade's Yuffie and her partner Sonon, along with some of the enhancements coming to the PS5 port.


Square Enix has shared more details on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, including story info on the Yuffie DLC episode. The company also outlined some of its enhancements and new features for the PS5 port.

The Japanese publication Game Watch (translated via Gematsu) explains the background of Yuffie and her partner, the new character Sonon. The two are elite operatives for Wutai, and are dispatched to Midgar to steal the "Ultimate Materia" from the Shinra company. Yuffie herself is a ninja who uses a shuriken weapon. Yuffie is the commanding officer to Sonon, though he's older, and he is said to have trained under Yuffie's father.

The new episode starring the pair will take place over two chapters: first as the two hook up with Avalanche, and then the Shinra heist attempt. Yuffie has both short- and long-range combat capabilities, and she can perform special contextual actions like breaking Shinra boxes and crossing a wire fence.

The Yuffie episode will require a separate purchase, but upgrading to the PS5 Intergrade version from your PS4 copy is free and you can carry over your previous save data. The PS5 version will feature new lighting effects, fog effects, and some upgraded resolutions. You'll also able to choose between the 4K Graphics Mode and the 60 FPS Performance Mode. And a new photo mode will let you adjust the angle, colors, and exposure.

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