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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Guides Hub

Continue your journey as Cloud and co. with the help of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth once again puts you in the role of Cloud Strife, who's backed by teammates that are ready to kick the butts of megacorporations and long-haired badasses. This journey, which starts from the outskirts of Midgar all the way to the other side of the known world, can take over a hundred hours. There are a lot of activities and features that you need to consider if you want to get the full experience. That brings us to our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub, which tackles numerous mechanics and concepts to help you along the way.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub

Starter guides

These Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides discuss some basic concepts, perfect if you're just starting out. We also talk about notable information regarding the characters in the game.

Romance and character relationships

Cloud has several teammates that he journeys with. Through certain actions, decisions, and responses, some might become trusted pals. There are also a couple of potential romance options.

World Intel activities and general exploration

World Intel activities are those given to you by Chadley. Think of these as points-of-interest or bounties, tasks that have you roaming across entire regions. We also discuss other concepts that aren't necessarily part of World Intel data gathering, but are still exploration-related.


You can make use of these powerful deities to turn the tide of battle with their unique and devastating abilities. While some are available by default, others can be acquired through various means, such as save file detection.

Minigames, collectibles, and miscellaneous topics

There are a lot of minigames in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. While we won't discuss all of them, we do have guides for a few of the key activities.

Queen's Blood

Speaking of minigames, Queen's Blood is pretty much the true successor to Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. Sorry, Tetra Master. This grid-based card game has you building a viable deck so you can open/capture positions, gain higher points, and even solve a dark mystery.

We'll continue adding more articles to our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides hub, so stay tuned.

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