Fight Night 3 hits V-day

Romance out, fighting in. EA's next boxing game to connect with retail on February 14 for the PS2, PSP, Xbox, and Xbox 360.


This Valentine's Day, members of the Lonely Hearts Club will be able to do more than watch Julia Roberts movies while eating a tub of ice cream. Electronic Arts has revealed that this year, February 14--commonly known for red roses and cuddly teddy bears--will yield large sweaty men punching each other in the face. Fight Night Round 3 will be released that day on the Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PSP, according to the game's official Web site.

The third chapter in the Fight Night series is currently in the works at EA's Chicago studios and first burst onto the scene as one of the only interactive tech demos at Sony's E3 press conference. Earlier this week, a demo of the Xbox 360 version was released to the public as a free download via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

In the game, players will groom a fighter and take him up boxing's ladder, or slip into the trunks of famous boxers past and present. A new rivalries system will keep things heated in and out of the ring, and a new emphasis on fighting styles allows fleet-footed featherweights to float like a butterfly and beefy bruisers to sting like a Mack truck. Every version will be online enabled.

Fight Night Round 3 is rated T for Teen and will sell for $39.95, except the Xbox 360 version, which will cost $59.95.

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