FIFA producer fine with current consoles

EA Canada's David Rutter says his team has not felt constrained by specs of home systems, has other concerns besides more power.


While several game developers and publishers can hardly wait for the next generation of consoles to come, FIFA Soccer 13's executive producer is just fine with the current crop. David Rutter spoke with CVG about the franchise's future and whether he felt constrained by the unusually long life span of home systems.

FIFA, as any fan knows, stands for Fie! It's Football Again.
FIFA, as any fan knows, stands for Fie! It's Football Again.

"For the FIFA team, we haven't got to a point where anything we've wanted to include in the game hasn't been possible," Rutter said. "In the past, when we've decided not to include something it has not been because of technological limitations." He said the first thing many fans would want his EA Canada team to do with the greater power of the coming generation would be to make the crowds in FIFA's stadiums look better, but that is not very high on his list of priorities.

Earlier in the interview, Rutter went over several of the changes to have come to the series throughout the current console generation, including a new defensive system and shouting at referees with the Kinect. FIFA Soccer 12 received largely strong reviews from critics. He said he was excited about the Wii U's potential, though no entries in the FIFA franchise have been confirmed for the console.

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