FF7 Remake The Happy Envoy Side-Quest Walkthrough: How To Find All The Flyers

Here are the locations for all those pesky flyers you need to find in The Happy Envoy side-quest.


An early side-quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade's Intermission DLC called The Happy Envoy tasks you with finding six flyers scattered all around the Sector 7 Slums. All you have to go off of are vague hints alluding to their locations, which might stump you if it's been a while since you've played the original Final Fantasy 7 Remake. To help you complete this side-quest, we've detailed the location of every flyer. It's worth noting that flyers are found near music boxes, so if you're stumped at any point even while using this guide, follow the tune, and you'll find the flyer in no time.

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1. Some Kids Hid One Somewhere

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You'll find this one on the south side of the Residential Area in the children's playground. There are some boxes stacked in a corner. Run through them to reveal the Turtle flyer.

2. Floating Through the Air

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At the southmost point of the Residential Area (where Wedge lives), you'll find some kids marveling at a turtle balloon floating up in the air that has a flyer attached to it. You can't pop the balloon with your kunai from where they're standing, so you'll need to find a better vantage point. Move past the children, and hop over the crates to get right beside the balloon with no obstructions in the way. Look up at it and press triangle to throw your kunai. The flyer should drop to the ground nearby.

3. Near Old Snapper's Friend's Apartment Building

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As the Old Snapper's hint indicates, you'll find this flyer at Marle's apartment building located at the west end of the Residential Area. You'll need to sneak past a dog to get to the flyer, though. Keep yourself low up against the boxes for cover and move from one to the next when the dog puts its head down to sleep for a moment. When making the final approach, be wary of the bucket and broom leaning against the wall and get to the flyer quickly before the dog wakes back up.

4. A Cat Took One On Culvert Street

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You can find the cat who took a flyer on Culvert Street located at the northmost point of the Residential Area. You'll spot a cat with the flyer in its mouth, but it'll run off into a secluded area. Follow the cat, but ignore the ones immediately in front of you and go to the item chest at the northmost side of the room. You'll find the cat there with the flyer beside it.

5. On The Town Bulletin Board

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This flyer is located on the east side of the Sector 7 Slums at the Pillar Plaza. Go past Roche, and you'll some folks looking at bulletin boards. The flyer is attached to the bulletin board on the left.

6. Near The Old Talagger Factory

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The final flyer is located in a room on the eastern side of the Abandoned Talagger Factory. Be careful; this area is guarded by two Venomantises, who can make short work of you if you're not careful. They're weak to Blizzard magic, but you can take them out without any if you keep your wits about you and steadily increase their Stagger meters. Wipe the floor with them, and you should find the flyer behind some boxes on the wall to the left. You can also find a First Strike materia near the wall to the right.

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