FF7 Remake Mini-Games Guide: All Rewards For Completing Them

FF7 Remake's mini-games offer some substantial rewards!


After years and years of waiting for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, did you think after all this time you’d have just as much fun playing Darts as shutting down Shinra? Neither did we! If you’re wondering what to expect, or more specifically, if you're curious about the rewards you get from FF7 Remake's various mini-games, look no further: we’ve got all the info you need below. Check out the Table of Contents to find the information you're most curious about for each of FF7 Remake's mini-games. We'll let you know where each mini-game can be found, as well as offer some tips to ensure you nab those rewards in no time.

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Location: Sector 7 Slums, Seventh Heaven

During Chapter 3, there's a dartboard where you can throw darts in Seventh Heaven. You can find a scoreboard detailing people's best scores. If you beat Wedge's top score, he'll give you a Luck Plus Materia before the end of Chapter 4. You also have the opportunity to earn the Materia by playing the mini-game at that point in the story. To get the top score, try to get as many bulls-eyes as you can by making sure to throw the dart right when the circle closes in on the center. Just watch for the inner circle timer, because if you wait too long, you'll lose your chance for a swift throw.


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Location: Sector 5 Slums, Kid's Hangout

You may have the rest of the Sector 5 Slums fooled, but everyone knows you aren't cool unless the kids think you're cool. The only way to do that is to smash some boxes. If you've been following our other guides to find Moogle Medals, you should already know what you're doing here! Some general tips are to make sure Cloud is using the Deadly Dodge Materia to smash multiple boxes at once and save your strong attacks like Braver for the big, 1500 point boxes!

Rewards: (Normal Mode)

  • Participation Prize - A Moogle Medal
  • 10,000 - Elixir
  • 20,000 - Crescent Moon Charm
  • 30,000 - Spectral Cogwheel

After beating the game, you'll unlock Hard Mode. When you get back to the Kid's Hangout, Cloud Strife should already have some of the strongest abilities in the game available to him. If you're having a tough time, try to equip some Materia that grants you bonus ATB charges, focus on boxes that grant you more time, and again, only attack the big boxes with your strongest attacks.

Rewards (Hard Mode):

  • Participation Prize - A Moogle Medal
  • 10,000 - Elixir
  • 20,000 - Crescent Moon Charm
  • 30,000 - Transference Module


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Location: Wall Market, Training Gym

This isn't your grandpa's squat mini-game this time around! The FF7 Remake has considerably upped the ante in terms of difficulty. One tip we can offer is once you have the rhythm down, pay less attention to the exact timing of your presses, and more to your character's animations. You're granted more time than you think to time your button presses, so a couple of milliseconds lost are not worth risking breaking your whole cycle!


  • Trainee - 3 Mega Potions
  • Amateur - Orb of Luck-Up Materia
  • Pro - Champion Belt

Combat Coliseum

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Location: Wall Market, Coliseum

The Coliseum in the Wall Market has challenges for individual characters, two-person, and three-person teams of varying difficulty. They aren't too tricky, so play smart, heal your party, and enjoy earning some bonus SP point items, new Limit Breaks for your party, and more! Once you unlock Hard Mode after beating the game, be sure to come back to take on some end-game challenges!

Events + Rewards (Normal Mode):

  • Cloud vs. Wild Animals - Legacy: Ascension
  • Aerith vs. Wild Animals - Legacy: Planet's Protection
  • Two-Person Team vs. Slum Outlaws - Clarity Pendant
  • Barret vs. Wild Animals - Legacy: Catastrophe
  • Tifa vs. Wild Animals - Legacy: Dolphin Flurry
  • Cloud vs. Shinra Thugs - The Art of Swordplay Vol. II
  • Barret vs. Shinra Thugs - Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. II
  • Tifa vs. Shinra Thugs - Way of the Fist Vol. II
  • Three-Person Team vs. Shinra Warriors - Tarot Cards
  • Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback - Moogle's Amulet

Events + Rewards (Hard Mode) - Will update soon!

Pull Ups

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Location: Wall Market, Training Gym

Oh the irony--you spent so long making sure you didn’t skip leg day that your lats are lacking. Better send in Tifa this time! This mini-game works the same as Squats, except your button prompts will be in random order, and it’s significantly more difficult. If you want to beat Jules, no mistakes allowed.


  • Beat Andrea - Way of the Fist, Vol. III
  • Beat Ronnie AND Jay - An Orb of Magic Up Materia
  • Beat Jules - A Champion Belt

Shinra HQ Combat Simulator

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Location: Shinra HQ, 63rd Floor

Similar to the Coliseum, stop by the 63rd floor in the Shinra building to take on challenges only slightly more complicated than before. Seriously, you should have no trouble here! Scenarios are broken down for Cloud, Tifa, and Barret, as well as some that test your teamwork. Some end-game bosses away those who return here on hard mode!


  • Cloud vs. SOLDIER Trainees - Cog Bangle
  • Barret vs. SOLDIER Trainees - Supreme Bracer
  • Tifa vs. SOLDIER Trainees - Rune Armlet
  • Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers - Gil Up Materia
  • Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag - EXP Up Materia

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