Feeding Frenzy in the Arcade

Xbox Live Arcade goes under the sea with Sprout Games' new title; action game says there are other fish in the sea...to eat!


Though the phrase "a big fish in a small pond" may imply some sort of underachievement, it's the ultimate goal in Sprout Games' new Xbox Live Arcade game, Feeding Frenzy. The PC port is the latest downloadable arcade game for the Xbox 360 and now available for 800 Marketplace points ($10). In feeding Frenzy, gamers control a fish (or marine mammal, such as a killer whale) and gobble up any other, smaller fish. By going on a sashimi-spree, gamers will grow in size and be able to eat larger animals. Feeding Frenzy is rated E for Everyone and was published by Oberon Media, who also published the Xbox Live Arcade games Bejeweled 2 Deluxe and Zuma Deluxe.

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