Fat Princess devs form Carbon Games

Former Titan Studios core team head up new Seattle-based independent shop; development of studio's first game under way.


Fat Princess--2009's well-received action strategy game--was developed by Titan Studios, but the shop handed off development duties for its downloadable content to Atomic Operations. Now, Titan has left the regal-yet-gluttonous franchise entirely, with "core" former developers heading up a new shop, Carbon Games.

Carbon Games is rising from the ashes of Titan Studios.
Carbon Games is rising from the ashes of Titan Studios.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the independent developer is working on new "small, unique games" in the way it did with Fat Princess. The developer did not share what it is currently working on, but it did note that it has started development of its first game.

Further, Carbon Games did not announce what platform(s) its first game would arrive on, but it did note that becoming an independent developer frees the studio up "to make the games we want on the platforms we want."

As for what will happen to the Fat Princess intellectual property, Carbon Games' James Green said Sony purchased the brand "a few years ago," and that it's "not our choice to continue to develop it or not."

For more on the nascent studio, check out Carbon Games' website.

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