Far Cry movie in the works

Crytek and Ubisoft's PC shooter will be fodder for German filmmaker Uwe Boll.


Far Cry

The Hollywood Reporter reported Friday that German producer/director Uwe Boll has added another game adaptation to his slate. This time around, the House of the Dead director has optioned the film rights to Far Cry. According to the Reporter, Boll plans to begin production next year, with the film's budget currently being targeted around $25 million. GameSpot spoke with Boll about the Far Cry film and about adapting games for the big screen.

In comments to the Reporter, producer Shawn Williamson revealed new details about the "nonhuman enemies" Ubisoft has stated are in the game. "There are elements of The Island of Dr. Moreau in this game, thanks to the tropical setting and the genetic experiments that are taking place on the island," said Williamson. "The story will be incredibly frightening." Williamson will produce the film under his Brightlight Pictures banner.

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