Far Cry 5 Pre-Load Details Announced Before Release

Get an early jump on downloading Far Cry 5.


Far Cry 5 releases early next week for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but eager players are able to get an early jump on downloading the game. Developer Ubisoft has now released the pre-load dates and times for all systems.

If you're playing on Xbox One, you'll be able to pre-load first as the game is now available for download (but not to play, obviously). PC players on both Uplay and Steam can also now do so as of March 23. And PlayStation 4 players can finally do so, though they had to wait the longest; the game wasn't available for pre-load until March 25.

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Far Cry 5 officially releases on March 27. The game is garnering lots of attention for its narrative, which pits players against an apocalyptic, radical, Christian cult, run by a crazed figure known as The Father, who has authoritarian control over a small Montana town. The game is open world and will take about 25 hours to play through the main storyline.

In addition to the campaign--which can be played in co-op--Far Cry 5 will have a map-editor that you can use to build head-to-head game types or anything else you want. This gives the game an opportunity to stay relevant and keep people playing for a long time in the future. Despite its heavy subject matter, the game isn't all serious. Check out this side mission that involves helping the town prepare for its annual "Testical Festival."

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