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Fallout-Themed Arizona Green Tea Variety Pack Is Back In Stock

Society might have collapsed in Fallout, but at least you can still enjoy a cold green tea energy drink.


Society is done for, mutants roam the wasteland, and those snobs in the Vaults won't let you inside. What's a survivor of mutually assured destruction supposed to do? Sit down and enjoy a spot of tea, that's what. Specifically, an ice-cold can of Fallout-themed Arizona Tea, as the beverage is getting a Fallout makeover, just in time for the April launch of the Fallout TV series on Prime Video. These special-edition Arizona green tea energy drinks have been going in and out of stock, and wait times are lengthy for some of the packs. As such, you may want to order soon, because interest will likely increase once the show debuts on April 11.

Currently, you can stock up your doomsday shelter with several varieties, all available in convenient 12-packs. These are 22-ounce cans, and each flavor has a green tea base. You can choose between Pomegranate, Georgia Peach, and Red Apple. Each serving contains some real juice, around 100 calories, and 234mg of caffeine. If you're wanting to mix and match, the variety pack comes with four of each flavor.

Arizona Fallout Green Tea energy drinks
Arizona Fallout Green Tea energy drinks

If you're planning to explore your local post-apocalyptic environment, you can also pick up an official Fallout tumbler to keep your drink cold or hot. These are made from stainless steel, are BPA free, and have a leak-proof lid with a clear slider. If you prefer coffee to iced tea, Fallout coffee beans are also available to help you kickstart your day. Made by Bones Coffee Company, each bag features a metal design on the packaging, and the beans are available in multiple flavors, including Valiant Vanilla, Atomic Apple, and Wasteland Crunch.

For some more Fallout merch, there's a lot on offer right now. Fans of collectible toys can pick up this impressive Brotherhood of Steel figure from ThreeZero--decked out in some pretty sweet Nuka Cola armor--McFarlane Toys is doing a limited run of collectibles for $25 each and a new set of Fallout: The Series mini figures will be available starting April 19.

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