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Fallout New Vegas travels Lonesome Road Sept. 20

Bethesda dates fourth full add-on for Obsidian-developed open-world RPG; two more DLC packs to launch September 27.


The latest Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content has endured a long and winding path to release, but it appears to be close to its terminus. Bethesda today announced that Lonesome Road will launch for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC gamers on September 20.

New Vegas is about to get lonesome.
New Vegas is about to get lonesome.

In the add-on, players are contacted by the original Courier Six, who refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the beginning of the main Fallout: New Vegas campaign. Gamers will be offered the reason for his refusal if they agree to venture into the Divide, which has been ravaged by earthquakes and hurricanes. Lonesome Road was originally set for a July release, but Bethesda missed that window, explaining earlier this month that "circumstances outside our control" forced the company to push the content's release back.

That won't be the last of New Vegas' DLC, as Bethesda has also confirmed two additional add-ons for release on September 27. The first of those, Courier's Stash, will compile the four add-ons originally used as preorder incentives for the game, giving players access to the weapons and clothing included therein. Also out on the same day will be the Gun Runners' Arsenal pack. The artillery-focused add-on will include a variety of weapons and weapon mods, as well as additional ammo types and recipes.

Lonesome Road will sell for $10 on Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Marketplace. Courier's Stash will sell for $2, while the Gun Runners' Arsenal will cost $4. For more on Fallout: New Vegas, check out GameSpot's review.

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