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Fallout Fans Trying To Deduce Lucy's XP Level After Season 1 Finale

Let's break down how much XP Lucy actually has by the end of the season finale.


Prime's Fallout TV series has been a hit for the streaming juggernaut and among diehard fans as well. There's one question that has caused some debate and it has fans trying to estimate the in-game character level Lucy (Ella Purnell) might have reached by the end of Season 1.

There will be Fallout TV spoilers below, so a warning if you haven't finished or even started the show yet.

Okay, let's dive into this XP math!

In the first episodes, we see Lucy living inside Vault 33 with her father and brother. She has an active life helping with teaching and sports, but she is soon removed from everything she's known from the community and world of the vaults and has to venture to the surface.

However, on her adventure, Lucy doesn't get physical and relies more on her intelligence to get out of sticky situations. Yeah, she shoots some Radroaches off Maximus, but those are 2 XP on Normal settings for the game. If Lucy leveled up in the same way that the characters in the video games do, she probably wouldn't be very high.

Even looking at her S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats that Bethesda revealed in the Fallout Shelter version of the character, Lucy isn't really made for combat and probably needs a slight adjustment on her agility with all the stunts she pulls off and charisma because of how she gets out of more than a few situations.

  • Strength 4
  • Perception 7
  • Endurance 6
  • Charisma 5
  • Intelligence 6
  • Agility 5
  • Luck 7

Now some fans say Lucy could be "anywhere from level 12 to 17", but the majority seem to feel she would likely be less than that, and probably under level 10 because of the "side-quests" she does.

"Let's be real, she has one kill and only one turn in," Twitter user SynthSpence explained. "Her game progress is maybe four hrs long? That sounds about right in terms of gameplay. Season 2, she will pick up more XP for it. Till then, lowbie for sure."

There's even a debate about Lucy living through using the equivalent of a Survival Mode, because of how easily enemies went down with her basic 10mm pistol. Fallout hasn't been renewed yet for Season 2 just yet, but it could be a short matter of time before we get that greenlight.

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