Fallout 76 Post-Launch Updates Will Include New Vault Openings, PvP Factions, And More

Bethesda has big post-launch plans for Fallout 76.


Fallout 76 is here. Bethesda's new online RPG has officially launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (after its servers had gone live a little early), and to commemorate the event, the publisher has shared a message with fans about the game's development and what's in store for it post-release.

The message, titled "Launch and Beyond," was posted on Bethesda's website and offers a glimpse at some of the post-launch updates Bethesda is currently working on for Fallout 76. "We have an incredible list of updates we've begun work on--from CAMP building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and much more," the publisher said.

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Bethesda also touched on how challenging it was to create this new type of Fallout experience. "With Fallout 76, we've woven together parts of our past Fallouts, the survival genre, and massive online games, to create something unique," the publisher wrote. "Creating a new style of game has taken the best from not just our own producers, programmers, artists and designers--but great efforts from across the company."

Finally, the publisher extended its thanks to the various studios that lent development assistance on Fallout 76 such as ZeniMax Online, Id Software, and Arkane, as well as to all the fans who participated in the Fallout 76 beta and provided feedback on the game. "With your help we've made the game better each week," Bethesda wrote.

Fallout 76 officially released on November 14. PS4 players were able to claim some free Fallout 76 items ahead of the game's launch, including three avatars and a PS4 theme, although those are no longer available. Fallout 76 released in several different editions, which come with an assortment of digital and physical goodies; you can read more about them in our Fallout 76 pre-order guide.

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