Fallout 2 Has Been Remade As A Doom-Style Shooter Game, And Its Demo Is Free

Developer Jonasz Osmenda has recrafted Fallout 2 as a classic-style shooter, and you can play the first public build right now.


Fallout 1 and 2 are two of the most beloved classic CRPGs of all time, but it's easy to wonder what they would look like from the first-person perspective that Bethesda created for the series. Fan developer Jonasz Osmenda apparently had the same idea, as they're working on a first-person remake of Fallout 2 that you can play for free right now.

Osmenda's project is a very faithful rendering of the game, taking the maps and enemies from the original and translating them into a classic FPS perspective. The result looks a lot like the early days of the FPS genre, with two-dimensional models walking through basic 3D maps à la Doom. Unlike Doom, however, the game has the turn-based VATS system, and it's more of an RPG than a pure shooter, complete with hit points and action points.

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Given that this is version 0.0.23 of the project, it's fair to say that this Fallout 2 FPS remake is in early days still. However, it's under active development, with four updates coming in the past month, and more maps likely on the way. Currently, you can explore Klamath and Arroyo, among others. If you're interested in revisiting Fallout 2 for yourself, a Steam pack of Fallout 1, 2, and the noncanoical spin-off Fallout Tactics are currently on sale for $5, so check it out.

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