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Fall Guys Creative Lets Players Make Their Own Levels, Launches This May

This comes as part of Season 4: Creative Construction, launching this month.


Epic Games revealed that as part of Fall Guys Season 4, players will get to create their own stages.

Known as Season 4: Creative Construction, the upcoming update will feature Fall Guys Creative, which serves as a level editor, allowing users to build custom Rounds with obstacles and share them with other players.

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Developer Mediatonic shared details about the forthcoming season, which is due out on May 10. An excerpt from a recent blog post reads, "With the new editor, you can finally design the Round of your dreams. Choose your theme and plunk down your favorite obstacles to best the Beans who take up your challenge."

The company revealed that players will be able to generate a Share Code for the stages they create and use it to share with individual friends, or the community at large. Season 4 will also include a curated Playlist and a new Show, which will be comprised of the developer's favorite Fall Guys Creative Rounds.

Expect over 50 new Rounds to come to Fall Guys during Season 4, with 20 available right away via Solos.

The new season will also feature the Fame Pass, which will replace the standard pass system from before. "Instead of one pass covering the whole span of a Fall Guys’ Season, we now have multiple shorter Fame Passes that cost less but reward you with more value for your playtime!" Mediatonic said. Fame Pass 1 will offer six different costumes for players to earn, including Does Not Compute, Low Poly, and Pixel Pigeon.

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