F-Zero 2 confirmed for Europe

Nintendo confirms that it will release F-Zero 2 for the GBA in Europe later this year. First screens inside.


F-Zero: GP Legend

Nintendo of Europe has recently updated its official Web site with word that F-Zero 2 will be released in Europe during the second quarter of this year. The game, which is already available in Japan under the title F-Zero: Falcon Dansetsu, is the sequel to F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

F-Zero 2 boasts a number of features not present in its predecessor, not the least of which is a story mode reminiscent of that found in F-Zero GX for the GameCube. As they progress through the story mode, players will assume the roles of different characters in the F-Zero universe, such as bounty hunter Captain Falcon and alien mastermind Zoda. The game's plot will be told through anime-style cutscenes, and because all of the characters' individual stories are intertwined, players might, for example, be required to capture a rival competitor in one race and later assume the role of that captive attempting to escape.

Other gameplay modes on offer will include the Zero Test collection of mini challenges, training, time attack, and the requisite grand prix competition. The grand prix in F-Zero 2 will comprise 15 different circuits and be playable on three different difficulty settings.

No North American release date for F-Zero 2 has been confirmed at this time, but we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.

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