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Explore The Star Wars Expanded Universe With These New Manga Releases

Star Wars Visions and The Mandalorian Volume 2 arrive on May 7, but both are available to preorder today.


Star Wars has been all over the map since Disney acquired Lucasfilm more than a decade ago. Besides new films and TV shows, we've also seen a bunch of Star Wars manga hit the market--and now, on May 7, you'll get to dive into two new adventures. Star Wars Visions: The Manga Anthology and Star Wars: The Mandalorian Volume 2 arrive next month, but preorders are now open at Amazon.

If you're a newcomer to Star Wars manga, then the Visions: Manga Anthology is the better choice of the two. This anthology sees the Disney+ series brought to life in a new way, and there's no need to have read any previous manga to pick up all the story threads. If you've watched Star Wars: Visions, you'll find adaptations of The Elder, Lop & Ocho, The Ninth Jedi, and The Twins in this manga anthology. Clocking in at 232 pages, the paperback volume costs $15.

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Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Volume 2 picks up after Star Wars: The Mandalorian Volume 1--which is currently on sale for just $10. You'll get to follow The Mandalorian as he ventures out to secure the Child, a being who holds mysterious powers and could have serious implications in the fate of the galaxy. Consider both picking up Volume 1 and preordering Volume 2, as you'll have plenty of time to read through the first manga ahead of the second's arrival on May 7. Like Visions, this one is also listed for $15.

A third Star Wars book is arriving in May, though it's quite different from the two above. The Star Wars Manga Coloring Book features 96 pages of designs for you to fill in, all of which are pulled from the first half of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. It arrives on May 14 and costs $17.

Not interested in anything above? Be sure to take a look at all the other Star Wars manga available at Amazon right now.

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