Exclusive Runaway Screens

Run away with a pile of money and a beautiful sidekick in this upcoming adventure game from Pendulo. Video trailer inside.


Pendulo Studios has sent us several exclusive screenshots, along with a group of previously released screens, from its upcoming adventure game Runaway: A Road Adventure. The colorful game is designed in the spirit of the Monkey Island series, and it takes advantage of the latest graphics technology. It features flat-shaded cartoon-style 3D characters blended seamlessly into high-resolution 2D backgrounds, as well as over 30 minutes of cutscenes. The player assumes the role of a man trying to escape from the Mafia, which wants to kill him for an unknown reason. Along the way, he teams up with a beautiful dancer, meets over 40 unique characters, and tries to escape with a large sum of money.

Runaway: A Road Adventure is being published by Madrid-based Dinamic Multimedia. It is expected to be complete by the end of the year, although the publisher is still looking for a US distributor. We will have a playable demo of the game sometime next month. Until then, take a look at the trailer linked below.

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