Eternal Darkness Spiritual Successor Back in Production

Denis Dyack forms new transmedia company and reveals plans to extend Shadow of the Eternals beyond games.

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Shadow of the Eternals, the stalled spiritual successor to 2002 GameCube horror game Eternal Darkness, is back in production with big ambitions. Denis Dyack, the former Silicon Knights head, announced this week that the game is in production at a new company he's heading up called Quantum Entanglement Entertainment Inc., also known as QE2.

This company will create games, but also movies and TV shows. According to Dyack, this is where the future of entertainment is heading. He said the combination of games, movies, and TV forms "The Singularity."

"I wanted to do something that was a lot more than just video games" -- Denis Dyack

“Technology has pushed the entertainment medium beyond the event horizon, and the opportunities are unprecedented," Dyack, the company's Chief Creative Officer, said in a statement on the studio's website. "Together, we have the expertise to make an incredible impact on the marketplace with diverse and specialized platforms for original IP."

Explaining his goals as they related to video games, Dyack told IGN: "A lot of the television that you're seeing is really bleeding into a lot of the things that we do in video games. A lot of the things that you see in film are bleeding into a lot of the things that we do in video games."

"I wanted to do something that was a lot more than just video games," he added.

Dyack is joined at QE2 by other media figures, including Canadian film and TV veteran Jonathan Soon-Shiong, who will serve as the company's CEO. The company's Chief Operating Officer is Paul Rapovski, who worked on Lost Girl and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Dyack tried to get Shadow of the Eternals off the ground at Precursor Games, but multiple crowdfunding campaigns came up short. He explained today that his new vision for the game, which is now in active production, will extend beyond just gaming.

"(We're) looking at it from a film and television side," Dyack said. "We've got more going on that we're just not ready to talk about yet."

Controversy surrounded Precursor Games in summer 2013, when one of its developers was arrested on child porn charges.

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