ESRB rates DS MLB fantasy game

Latest update to ratings board Web site reveals Take-Two's next licensed baseball offering, possible PlayStation Network downloads of Street Fighter Alpha, Rayman.


Street Fighter Alpha

Shortly after Electronic Arts snapped up exclusivity rights to the National Football League, competing publisher Take-Two Interactive signed a deal with Major League Baseball to be the exclusive third-party publisher of pro baseball games in the US. Since that time, Take-Two and its 2K Sports label have tried to make the most of the deal. The publisher has released annual installments in its MLB 2K sim series of games, dipped into the arcade-style sports market with The BIGS, and even imported and published Konami's MLB Power Pros, part of the popular Japanese line of Powerful Pro Yakyuu games.

However, it appears 2K Sports wants to get more mileage from the license, as the Entertainment Software Rating Board recently updated its database to include a Take-Two Interactive DS game called MLB Fantasy All-Stars. Presumably a fantasy baseball recreation for the handheld, Fantasy All-Stars received an E for Everyone rating.

Two more listings on the ESRB database provide insight into some original PlayStation games that might soon be appearing on the PlayStation Network. Rayman and Street Fighter Alpha have both been rated for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable (the former received and E for Everyone, the latter a T for Teen).

While Ubisoft originally published Rayman and Capcom published Street Fighter Alpha, both games are listed as being published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, similar to the way the ESRB listed the downloadable PS3/PSP version of Konami's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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