Epic Sues Fortnite Cheaters; Star Wars Loot Box Controversy - GS News Roundup

Ray men, computer games, and a star war.


GameSpot News with Jess McDonell and Dan Crowd is your ticket to catching up on the day’s video game news, and impressing your friends with only the freshest, most trending-est information. Here’s a rundown of the stories covered today:

Michel Ancel Wants To Make More Rayman

The main mind behind Beyond Good and Evil 2 still has a soft spot in his heart for one of his original creations, it seems. Ancel recently posted an Instagram photo of a Rayman statue he found in the wild and got a bit emotional.

Destiny 2’s PC Unlock Times Revealed

Have you been avoiding playing Destiny 2 because you’re a PC master race zealot who can only bring yourself to play games if you’re bathed in the rainbow LED glow of your Razer peripherals? Well get ready, because Bungie revealed the unlock times and recommended specs for Destiny 2 on home computer systems.

Kung Fu Rabbit Game Leaves Early Access

Hey, you know the guys who created Humble Bundle? Did you know they also make their own games? That’s right! Their latest one is called Overgrowth and it just left early access, and people seem to be into it.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crate Controversy

If you participated in the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2, you might have noticed it placed a heavy emphasis on boosting your characters with Star Cards, which you obtain via the game’s loot crate system. Needless to say, people weren’t very happy with how this worked, and it’s sparked a whole discussion among the community and the developers themselves.

Epic Games Sues Fortnite Cheaters

The co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite from Epic Games and People Can Fly has been pretty popular! So popular that some players have been cheating to get ahead! Those people are losers, and the developers know that. That’s why they’ve been banning them and now, have gone the extra step to file lawsuits against two of them! Let this be a lesson to everyone: Play nice, play fair, don’t get sued by a company with way more money to spend on legal fees than you.

GameSpot News will be back next Monday to catch you up on all the video game news you missed out on over the weekend. Or maybe you'll prove us wrong and keep visiting GameSpot for all the latest news, reviews and features? Sounds like a plan!

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