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Elden Ring's Malenia Is Too Strong For Even The Game's Toughest Bosses

A mod pits the infamously difficult Malenia against every other major boss in From Software's RPG.


Malenia is without a doubt the hardest boss in Elden Ring, so how does she fare when pitted against every other major boss in the game? The answer: Very well.

Soulsborne content creator Garden of Eyes has created a mod that pits the game's various bosses against one another, and it's clear in a new video from the creator that Malenia is a cut above the rest. Some would argue Malenia is not only the most difficult boss in Elden Ring, but one of the most difficult boss fights in all of From Software history. As such, most of the other bosses don't prove to be too challenging for the Blade of Miquella.

Some early game bosses are, as expected, a walk in the park for Malenia. The mounted Tree Sentinel that has claimed the lives of more than a few players at the very start of the game is quickly turned into mincemeat, and Margit the Fell Omen and Godrick the Grafted equally stand little chance. What makes Malenia so difficult, even for her fellow boss characters, is the fact that she heals with every attack she lands, making her incredibly durable. Plus, bosses, just like players, have to beat both of her phases, which sees her regain a large portion of her health.

There are, however, a few bosses that give Malenia a run for her money, largely towards the end of the game. We won't spoil which bosses prove to be a challenge or if any of them do manage defeat to Malenia, but it's fun to see some of Elden Ring's most challenging enemies also struggle with the same enemy that has seen players resort to summoning help like Let me solo her in order to overcome. It certainly doesn't help that a recent bug caused Malenia to be even more powerful than usual for a time, though that has since been fixed.

Speaking of let me solo her, the legendary Elden Ring player recently defeated Malenia for the 1000th time, and even has an NPC mod made by Garden of Eyes, allowing players to summon the hero at will. Garden of Eyes is also responsible for an April Fools' joke that reported to uncover a new, unused seventh ending in Elden Ring's game files, a prank that fooled more than a few in the community.

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