Elden Ring Mod Adds Its Most Famous Player As An NPC Summon

This mod will let you summon Let Me Solo Her to help with the game's hardest bosses any time you want.


Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her has become something of a celebrity in the game, appearing in other player's worlds in his iconic, pot-headed get-up to slay Malenia, blade of Miquella. Now, modder Garden of Eyes has made a mod that will let you summon an NPC version of Let Me Solo Her to help with Malenia, as picked up by Polygon.

While the player has been prolific in helping other Tarnished beat Malenia, the real Let Me Solo Her isn't always going to be available to help out, which is why modder Garden of Eyes has made a version that can be summoned on demand.

The mod swaps out the Let Me Solo Her summon for Lone Wolf Ashes, meaning players can summon him whenever they need a hand. The player's iconic kit is replicated in the modded character, and from the boss fights shown in the preview video, the NPC version has some of his skills, too.

The mod is available for paid subscribers on Garden of Eyes' Patreon, unlocking at the $5 monthly tier. If you'd rather try and take on Malenia yourself without the help from either another player or a Spirit Summon, you can check out our Malenia boss battle guide.

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