Eidos spills beans on Chili Con Carnage

Total Overdose developers cook up another Mexican dish for the PSP; gunfights, exploding chickens headed to stores next spring.


Chili Con Carnage

Last year, Deadline Games took PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox owners across the border with Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico. The over-the-top third-person action game was a celebration of lawlessness and bullets set in the dusty landscape of Mexico.

Today, Eidos Interactive and Deadline revealed that the two are making a roundtrip, this time with the PSP. Chili Con Carnage is currently in development for the handheld and will cha-cha-cha into stores in spring 2007.

Though Eidos never mentions the fact in its announcement, the PSP game is clearly influenced by (or a full handheld port of) Total Overdose, right down to the storyline and main character's name. Ramiro Cruz heads down to Mexico to tangle with some druglords and avenge the murder of his father--but that's about as serious as the game gets.

While battling "mutated super-Mamas" and "killer exploding chickens," Cruz can perform "super-spicy" maneuvers like dodging bullets. The game will also feature wireless multiplayer modes and variable difficulty levels.

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