EAX for Unreal Tournament

Creative releases a patch with new environmental audio effects for Epic's multiplayer shooter.


Unreal Tournament (1999)

While Unreal Tournament already has some support for Creative's 3D environmental audio standard, a patch released today will add even more effects to the game's deathmatch levels. The release installs new EAX library files for each of the 24 deathmatch levels in the game, and it's designed to work with Creative Sound Blaster Live! or other sound cards that support Creative's DirectX 3D audio extensions. Most of the patch's additions come in the form of more detailed reverberation, occlusion, and obstruction effects that provide players with game sound that more realistically reacts to the 3D game environment. Like with the release of new Soldier of Fortune EAX effects last fall, Creative plans to progressively release patches for the various Unreal Tournament game types.

To add the new EAX effects, you will need to download two files, the Unreal Tournament EAX Library Patch (2.0MB) and the Deathmatch Enhancements (1.4MB). You can grab both files in the Other Downloads section of GameSpot's Unreal Tournament page. More information is available here on Creative's Web site.

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